Our Story

Welcome to Maria Maria! Our doors opened in the summer of 2019, and we are now on our way to becoming a local’s favorite for Mexican Cuisine. Located in Tallahassee’s Midtown area, Maria Maria boasts food made to order for every customer. 

Mexican food is rich in history and flavor. Maria Maria honors that heritage and is committed to serving it as such. Homemade, authentic seasonings and traditional cooking methods using only the highest quality ingredients—are the features that set Maria Maria apart. The result is food that is undeniably true to its culture. 


A Little History

The owner, Edgar Gamez, traces the origin back to a little town in Mexico called La Yerbabuena. Here is where, to make ends meet, Edgar’s grandmother, Maria, would make tostadas by day and sell them in La Plaza at night. Edgar’s mother, Maria, would run home at recess to help peel the tostadas so they could dry in the sun and be ready by evening. 

As a young man, when Edgar came to Florida, he worked in the restaurant industry. On one occasion, while eating in a Mexican restaurant in Texas, he was inspired to open his own restaurant in Tallahassee. Not long after that experience, the name “Maria Maria” came to him. And with that came the whole vision of what the restaurant is today. 

From the moment Edgar stepped into the building that is now Maria Maria, he “saw” it all—the Maria Maria logo, where the tables would be, the menu, and even the pastry display. In addition, his vision included a staff that would commit to preparing food in the traditional Mexican way, enjoy serving customers, and shares his joy of the restaurant environment overall. 

With a lot of passion and labor, Maria Maria has turned into reality. Edgar and the team welcome you and are excited to provide you with a delicious and delightful experience.

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